Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nothing Ever Happens as you Expect it to. Be Flexible

One thing that I have learned thus far is that it is important to remain flexible because nothing ever happens the way that I think it ought to.  If I want to put clothes on my son, you would probably assume that it is no big deal right?  Wrong!  Somehow he has gotten strong enough and wiggly enough to make that a real problem.  I never would have guessed that dressing him would take like a half an hour or more.  If I put a shirt on him he will undoubtedly rip it off before I get his pants on.  So, as you might guess getting dressed involves putting the same clothes on over and over again until he gives up fighting it.  Who would have thought that being naked would be so awesome in the winter time? 

I don’t honestly believe that my boy has a problem with clothing.  I think he has a problem with sitting still long enough to put them on.  It is just not natural for him to sit still or be still unless he is sleeping, and even then he moves a little bit.  I don’t know where he gets it from.  I take that back.  I just realized that as I am typing this my legs are shaking constantly and my foot is tapping non-stop.  I guess it is a nervous habit or something.  I don’t know, but that is irrelevant for now.  I just wish that I could dress the little man faster and easier.  I have tried numerous things to get him to sit still for just a few moments, but none have worked.  I haven’t tried yelling at him, and I won’t.  I refuse to yell at the boy when he is a baby.  Plus, it seems wrong somehow to me to raise my voice at my son for something that I do too.  That, and he is just too damned cute to be really mad at.

So far the tactic that works the best for me to make him hold a little still is to play kissy monster or tickle monster.  No it isn’t as gross as it sounds.  These games are basically either kissing his little cheeks which makes him giggle like a fiend or tickling him which surprisingly has the same result.  The goal is for him to hold still.  When he moves I either kiss him or tickle him.  I think what makes him laugh so hard is my cookie monster impersonation when I yell out “Kissy Monster” or “Tickle Monster.”  For some reason he loves it.  It makes it easier to dress him because he doesn’t realize that it is a ploy to keep him still yet, and when he laughs he can’t move so fast and much.  So that provides a brief window of opportunity to put some clothes on the little man.  Hopefully, he doesn’t recognize it as a dirty trick until he is old enough to dress himself.  But, you know how that goes.  The moment I hope for something like that he realizes it immediately and screws me over.  That is why I am finding it so important to remain flexible.  I’ll just have to think of new games and devices to get him to do what I want as he gets older.  Of course, I could try good ole’ fashioned discipline, but that is so not me.  I’d rather my wife have to do that.  I like doing the fun things.  Discipline just isn’t my thing.  (Don’t worry.  I will take an active role in the discipline department too.  After all, I don’t want him to be a little monster later on do I?)

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