Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Not Really That Bad is it?

Well, it looks as if all of my glorious plans for this holiday season are going to be thwarted by the Unites States Postal service.  Now it isn’t exactly their fault and not all of my plans are going bust, but all of the really fun plans are probably going to be.  You see, I ordered a nice shiny new suit the other day after we visited the big man in red, but I don’t think it will arrive in time for me to use it this year.  If you are wondering what I am talking about, just know that this suit happens to be red.  I won’t say any more about it in this venue.  

Anyway, I ordered this suit that probably won’t arrive in time, and I also ordered some hair whitener for my beard, but apparently I clicked on the wrong color and a weird platinum blonde hairy spray arrived.  So, I can either re-order the right color or I can say screw it and wait until next year to screw it all up again.  I won’t lie.  I am more than a little disappointed.  I think I, like many other parents, continually set myself up for disappointment by having extraordinarily high expectations of how things should turn out but never actually do.  I am sure that this will be a re-occurring theme throughout my son’s childhood.

It is not like I am going to constantly be disappointed in my son.  Au contraire, that won’t be the problem at all.  I can’t see myself ever being disappointed in him.  Well, at least not until he becomes a teenager.  We all know that teens are difficult to deal with, but even then I am not sure if disappointed will be the right descriptive word for it.  However, as for now, I feel a little let down because I had such high hopes for this Christmas, and it looks like I am probably going to be disappointed because I waited until the last minute to do any real planning.  Don't get me wrong I know it is still going to be a kick ass Christmas, but there are a few things that I really wanted to do this year that I am not sure are possible because I waited so long.  I guess all the cool plans and pictures I had planned on taking were all for naught.  But, does that really matter?  

Of course my baby is young enough that we could stage some photos after Christmas and he would never know the difference, but that seems wrong to me somehow.  Actually, I was probably going to do that regardless of the time when the suit arrived.  You know, if we had never visited Santa the other day I wouldn't be in this predicament.  Yeah, that's right I am blaming Santa.  That bastard!  It's all his fault goddamnit!  It wasn’t until after we visited him that I started to realize why Santa does it year after year.  So, of course, then I wanted to participate in that kind of festive behavior as well.  It was really cool to see all those smiling faces.  Even if you have to deal with a few screamers and drunks I bet it is still worth it.  I mean really, who couldn't do with a little more joy in their life?  So, that is why I ordered the damn suit. All so I could bring a little more cheer into my house and my friend’s houses this Christmas.  Gabnabbit Santa, and your putting these foreign notions in my head!  What am I going to do now?! 

Well, I am going to use this experience as a lesson to myself.  You see, I am learning more about being a dad and what that truly means every day, and there are thousands of little lessons to be learned if you are willing learn them.  I am firmly convinced that this is the only way to go.  Otherwise, you'd go crazy.  There just aren't any other options in my book.  I get befuddled sometimes because there are just so many things that I never even considered before I became a father.  

I have said a number of times before in many different posts that parents seem to bend over backwards to make their kids happy, but I never really realized just how true that is.  Parents are fanatical people, and I am no exception.  What's more, we even help bring out the crazy in each other.  I don’t know how many of our friends have children that plan on waiting up to spy on Santa this year.  So, I thought that it would be cool to facilitate a few late night Santa siting’s this year.  I was really excited about it too, but, again, my plans were thwarted unless a miracle happens.  We will just have to wait and see.   That will teach me to wait until the last minute to make plans, but, hey, there is always next year right?  That will surely give me tons of time to plan things out.  Yeah right!  We all know that will never happen.  Planning is not my strong point.

Anyway, what makes me feel better is the realization that the only person that is going to be disappointed is me, and then even I won't be that disappointed.  It won’t matter to my son or any of the other children that things aren’t going as I had planned.  They don’t even know that anything was planned, so what do they care?   I guarantee you that come Christmas morning they will all be as happy as ever with the people that mean the most to them in the world, and, of course, they’ll have all those shiny packages to open up too.   What else can you ask for?  And please don't feed me that whole peace on earth bullshit either!  I don't want to hear it unless you are willing to start acting on that wish.  Until then keep it to yourself. 

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